Untreated behavioral health issues increase healthcare costs and cause large-scale societal problems.


Cloud 9’s communication solution allows care-providing organizations to give people with behavioral health needs the right care at the right time.


Our solution expands access, improves health outcomes, reduces costs, and increases revenues.


Patient and provider sessions
whenever and wherever convenient


Monitor daily behavior
patterns and visualize
improvements over time


Taking mental health assessments
is now easy and convenient

Improve Care

Access and Outcomes

Today’s consumers expect rapid access to services, while healthcare remains behind in offering efficiencies common in other industries. Electronic health records are not designed for patient engagement and communications. As a result they cannot manage more patients or track referrals and outcomes. This reduces both quality of care and profit margins. Also many providers have a 30% to 50% no show rate among mental health patients, which stem from transportation issues, work schedules, childcare and issues inherent to their diagnoses. Patients and providers also lack collaborative team care, actionable insights crisis support.

Reduce Costs

Cutting Overhead and Waste

Our remote care platform helps cut service cost through efficient workflows, system integrations and reduced utilization of facilities and staff. Our operational analytics and outcomes tracking is also designed to improve your organization’s regulatory compliance and industry service delivery scores, avoiding costly penalties. Furthermore, Cloud 9 reduces costly hospital readmissions via continuity of care and improved medication adherence. Our crisis response functionality helps payers, providers and taxpayers achieve massive savings by diverting expensive and inappropriate emergency room visits, jail incarcerations and judicial system costs. 

Add Revenues

Private, Reimbursed, Subsidies

Cloud 9 helps organizations increase revenues though HIPAA compliant, reimbursable features, efficient care delivery and expanded accessibility. With the growing societal need for behavioral health services, remote care delivery such as secure video, digital assessments and outcomes tracking are on the forefront of newly reimbursable telehealth services and increasing regulatory support. Being able to thrive financially with these industry changes, requires the ability to efficiently see more patients and quickly fill cancelled appointments. Increasing patient touch points and expanding your organization’s geographic service area also increase revenues


Optimize Your Time

Cloud 9’s efficient communications strengthen the connection between patients and providers by increasing meaningful interactions. Providers reduce no-show rates, reduce administrative burdens, streamline workflows and improve reimbursements while delivering patients the care they need.

Patient Data

Progress / Outcomes Tracking 

Leverage patient-generated data to have a comprehensive, accurate picture of symptoms and behaviors between appointments. These actionable insights allow for well-informed treatment decisions and timely interventions before patient crises occur. This is the future of precision mental healthcare. 


Team Communication

Psychiatrists, psychologists, case managers, nurses, recovery coaches and primary care physicians can all communicate and collaborate with one another around a patient’s care. This facilitates referrals and closes information gaps so the patient is always the focus of receiving mind + body integrated care. 


Your Clinical Care Team

Patients and providers can easily engage in live video sessions whenever and wherever convenient for them both. Connect with an existing provider or be matched with the ideal fit. Easily pay in advance and schedule secure sessions on demand without the time and expense of travel. Sessions are reimbursable by insurers.


Daily Behavior Progress

Patients can track their ongoing emotional and mental states via self reporting and passively via behavioral biomarkers aggregated from mobile applications and wearable sensors. Opt in to share data with your care team and they can then share customized treatment plans to accelerate patient improvement.


Easy Clinical Screenings

Patients take digital, gamified mental health assessments conveniently on their mobile device to learn their actual diagnosis and become more self aware. Providers can deploy customized assessment questions specific to each patient. Patients can see their charted progress over time. Assessments are reimbursable by insurers.


Practice/Site Manager – “Cloud 9 helped our team [of providers] see themselves as clinicians again and spend quality time outside of assessments, where they can really truly use the time to focus outside of the paperwork and have a meaningful conversations.”

Program Supervisor – “When we have a client who is willing to use the app, they really want to use the app. It caught us off guard with how engaged the clients have been with the app. It’s a wonderful surprise.”

Patient with Depression – “If you’re recovering or trying to make progress, this is a really good app. You’re never left wanting. You can schedule a time every week because things happen. The app is very easy to use and very user friendly. Especially for people with transportation issues, having the app is a life changer.”

Major Metropolitan Area Sheriff – “This gives our deputies one more tool so they can better triage the situation that’s happening out in the field, based on the symptoms they are seeing, and have a medical professional be able to give them guidance.”

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