Untreated behavioral health issues increase healthcare costs and cause large-scale societal problems.


Cloud 9’s communication solution allows care-providing organizations to give people with behavioral health needs the right care at the right time.


Our solution improves health outcomes, reduces costs, and increases revenues.


Patient and provider sessions
whenever and wherever convenient


Monitor daily behavior
patterns and visualize
improvements over time


Taking mental health assessments
is now easy and convenient

Coordinated Care

From PCPs to ERs

A primary care or emergency room referral to a mental health provider is often seen as a one-time event. ACOs and other “patient centric” models have proven that coordinated care communications generate superior ROIs, especially when treating both mind and body. Integrating mental healthcare works. With Cloud 9, it is now easy. Imagine… a behavioral health referral to a colleague that is as seamless as calling an Uber car for a friend. A variety of payers now reimburse for these services including: Annual Assessments, Telepsychiatry, Chronic Care Management, and Evaluation & Management.

Operational  Analytics

Never Before Available

Cloud 9’s Personal Mental Health Record allows patients access from their mobile device that is always in reach. This creates exponentially more clinical data points to produce new recovery plans and accurate operational guidelines. Providers can then push adaptable, updated messages and reminders. Behavioral Health Provider & HR Optimization ensures high demand providers are accessed efficiently throughout care cycle, so “the right staff is with the right patient at the right time”. Managers easily leverage these new insights through Cloud 9’s Administrative Analytics.

Systems Integration

As Much As Needed

Cloud 9  is built upon a nimble and  secure back end infrastructure. We can integrate with the leading EMR, scheduling, pharmacy and payer systems, via API, SDK and HL7. Not just HIPAA compliant, but HIPAA auditable. Cloud 9’s front end communication solution can also be stand-alone with little or no integrations. We don’t alter existing organization or technology workflows.  We merely push and pull data using leading healthcare standards. This enables our clients to integrate with other areas of medicine…without interfering with their existing systems or processes.


Mobile Patient Overview

Easily manage all of your patient communications with a concise dashboard for your provider profile, session scheduling and application settings. Also, view your patient’s profiles, session history and tracked progress.


Optimize Your Time

Deliver regular assessments to patients as needed. Easily schedule video sessions, integrate your existing calendars and send out appointment reminders. Track patient daily progress and share customized treatment plans.


Automated and Secure

Cloud 9 securely handles all private pay and copay processing. Our platform also produces a superbill to ease collection via the newly created telemental health reimbursement codes using your existing claims process.


Licensed Video Therapy

Patients and providers can easily engage in live video sessions whenever and wherever convenient for them both. Connect with an existing provider or be matched with the ideal fit. Easily pay in advance and schedule secure sessions on demand without the time and expense of travel. Sessions are reimbursable by insurers.


Daily Behavior Progress

Patients can track their ongoing emotional and mental states via self reporting and passively via behavioral biomarkers aggregated from mobile applications and wearable sensors. This data can be shared with providers and in turn providers can share customized treatment plans to accelerate patient improvement.


Easy Clinical Screenings

Patients take digital, gamified mental health assessments conveniently on their mobile device to learn their actual diagnosis and become more self aware. Providers can deploy customized assessment questions specific to each patient. Patients can see their charted progress over time. Assessments are reimbursable by insurers.

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