“We create technology for psychology

to help bring peace of mind to the world.”

WHY did we build this company?

Like so many others, our team has experienced the pain and tragedy of untreated mental illness, and we strive for healthy minds for ourselves, our friends, families and communities.

Cloud 9’s VISION

is a world with reduced social stigma against mental illness, and an emphasis placed on brain health. Society should provide every individual an opportunity for health, happiness, and hope. Greater utilization of behavioral healthcare services is a preventative solution to costly chronic physical illnesses linked to mental disorders, and also societal problems such as lost productivity, senseless violence and broken families. Healthier minds create healthier communities, workplaces, homes, personal relationships, parenting and future generations.

We’re on a MISSION

to make mental healthcare more accessible to existing patients and the vast numbers who remain unserved. We believe the best path to mentally healthy populations, begins by delivering engaging and impactful solutions to healthcare organizations and individual providers. Their mission is aligned with our mission.

This is HOW we do it

  1. Amplify healthcare organizations’ ability to deliver more effective services
  2. Reduce healthcare costs and wastes
  3. Enable providers to maximize their time on meaningful care delivery
  4. Allow patients and providers to quickly connect with one another
  5. Enhance the human component, not replace it
  6. Generate timely data for meaningful and actionable insights
  7. Empower patients to exercise self care through greater self awareness
  8. Bypass social stigma through the use of our trusted smartphones
  9. Bring engaging design into healthcare


JC Adams
CEO Founder
Technology Entrepreneur
Mental Health Advocate
Elizabeth Truong, MD
Clinical Co-founder
Psychiatry & Research
Clinical Technology Design
Jay Williams
Architecture and Engineering
Fortune 500 Health / Technology
Hunter Bailey
Lead Generation
Multichannel Marketing
Elsie Ramsey
Political Science / Government
Behavioral Health Advocate
Orlando Torres, MBA
Finance, Healthcare, Technology
Market and Public Policy Research
Don Ellis, MBA, FHIMSS
Accenture, Cerner
20 year Healthcare IT Expert
Viktor Nazarenko
Web, Mobile and Security
Full Stack Developer
DeVon Rasch
Full Stack Developer
Bob Blount
Salesforce, Ogilvy, Dell
Healthcare Marketing and Sales
Scott Snodgrass
Bridgeway Behavioral Health
Behavioral Health, Hospitals, Sales
Ryan Aubert
GE Health, AWS, Allscripts
Healthcare IT Sales
Wendy Smith
United Health, Seton Health
Insurance, Healthcare Innovation
David Redfield
Humana LifeSynch - Co-Founder
Behavioral Healthcare Expert
Norine Yukon
United Healthcare TX- former CEO
Career Mental Health Advocate

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