“Long neglected and stigmatized in society and healthcare, the behavioral health industry is primed for astounding growth.”

Industry Numbers

Stigma Reduction Goal
no show rate for face-to-face appointments
participation in only 1 HIE
American smartphone users
new Americans covered under ACA
prep time between appointments
participate in the CMS Shared Savings Programs
of no data in between sessions
annually. Like losing Green Bay, Wisconsin once every three years.

The Problems

Mental healthcare has been long neglected, separated from the rest of medicine and highly stigmatized.  Mental health providers are in short supply, and behavioral health organizations have unique operational and financial challenges. Patient engagement tools that empower and generate beneficial data are now revolutionizing other areas of healthcare. However, mental health lacks specialized solutions. The few EHRs serving behavioral health cannot focus on necessary patient facing communications. Integration with EHRs, pharmacies and other hospital systems for collaborative care can interfere with existing systems and processes. Custom solutions are prohibitively expensive and difficult to deploy.

Our Approach

Cloud 9’s patient facing features of “Assess, Talk and Track” deliver efficiency, affordability and insightful data. Providers can serve more patients and leverage patient generated data to improve outcomes. Behavioral health organizations likewise improve their quality of care, patient experience and accreditation status, while cutting costs and adding new revenue streams. Our solution can be stand-alone or securely integrate via API, HL7 and other interoperable standards. Cloud 9 is the fully a HIPAA compliant and easy to deploy communication layer that sits on top of your existing systems without interfering with your current processes.

Unlike previous approaches to mental health management, we believe intuitive design greatly increases provider engagement and patient comfort levels.