Cloud 9
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Cloud 9


For Patients

The Cloud 9 app brings mental healthcare access and control directly into the patient’s hand.

Convenient. Supportive. Empowering.


  • Improve mental health, happiness and well-being

  • Avoid or quickly quell crisis situations

  • Monitor personal mental states, behaviors and symptoms

  • Reduce personal cost of mental health care, including travel, time off work, child care, etc.

  • Stay closely connected to care team at all times

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For Providers

With the Cloud 9 Telehealth Platform for Mental Healthcare and Cloud 9 app, providers are able to stay securely connected to their patients without significantly altering their regular workflow.

Efficient. Actionable. Effective.


  • Reduce administrative burden

  • Improve patient attendance and compliance

  • Improve treatment efficacy and outcomes

  • Collaborate with multiple care team members

  • Identify patients in need quickly


For First Responders

The Cloud 9 app virtually connects first responders and mental health providers with real-time data and communications.

Easy. Safe. Responsive.


  • Reduce ER visits, jail time and court costs for people with mental illness

  • Improve the safety of citizens and officers

  • Reduce the likelihood for use of force

  • Increase community trust

  • Save costs on first responder hours managing and transporting citizens in mental health crisis situations



Cloud 9 Intervention Solution


Cloud 9 Prevention Solution